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Directory of top 3 best longboard brands 2016

Surf One:


Surf One is one of the sorts of Skate one company that included in generating high quality items regarding their client. In comparison to some other types in the mark it provides just restricted choice of items however is fantastic in style everyone is exclusive through the some other. This really is the best longboard brands besides making utilization of graphic treatment that was released back in 1960 to provide ideal longboard for a client that can be the essential aspect for the achievement of the brand. They take advantage of the best wood with other components to produce the items to increase their endurance.





The majority of recognized Yocaher is one of the top longboard brands in the market that can be included in production regular skateboards and even longboards for the people almost all around the globe. They support a broad varies of goods to select from and also have lots of appealing styles. This particular longbeard great brand can also be providing old school decks, graphic decks, longboard finishes, and graphic completes HD5 vehicles, protectors, and much more. You could get higher balance when using this specific board and May capable to take pleasure in your ride with no problems. You could get more appealing and various types of colors through this specific brand in comparison to some other types in the checklist.




Sector9 offers positioned very first in the listing since it really are one of the top producers of longboards in the market. This particular brand could be the perfect one for skating, browse life styles, and snowboarding since it provides top quality boards for the people almost all around the globe. They are simply creating the styles with the accompanied by expert and primary creative designers to provide revolutionary view for the boards. You could get men’s clothing, equipment, vehicles, products, women’s clothing, wheels, add-ons, with other unique products through this particular brand. You may have sleek and steady ride with the board currently showcased with simplicity of push.

How to discover yourself on the perfect longboard:


The range regarding cruiser long boards is approximately as vague as the longboards designs obtain. You will discover many different kinds of extremely long cruisers, small cruisers, the old-school cruisers, and everything in between. This really is the most typical type of longboarding, it is frequently about simply obtaining through A-B, and even simply rollin’ however you like.

Cruiser decks

  • Smaller deck under 38″ variety for simpler transportation — Old School and Mini Cruisers shapes are typical.
  • Or else, opt for the 48″ plus deck and then strut a few fancy hard works for which 70s long deck inspired ride.
  • The kick tail can help whenever pressing around the city for fast converts, quitting and finish of the board recognition for a few of the much less superior riders.

Cruiser trucks

  • Fit the thickness of your current deck for the nicely balanced drive.
  • Alternatively, crack the guidelines and discover your design, which fits your fancy.

Cruiser wheels

  • Smoother, bigger wheels are very effective on taking in cracks and even bumps for the softer ride however do break down faster and do not go as fast as the more difficult wheel.
  • Just make sure not to proceed too big for your personal deck and even you may drop target to wheelbite.


The ability of the change is worked out to the maximum usage whenever carving. Especially carving set up is going to be improved turnability and frequently believed to possess a much more surf inspired really feel. Carving is generally a sub-style for free riding most longboards are made with particular technology for carving therefore we have integrated this on its very own right here.

Carving products

  • Wheelbite and Wheelbase tend to be certain things to maintain in thoughts whenever searching for carving deck.
  • The broader wheelbase will offer you the broader carve radius however, not carry out because fast on sharper and deeper carves.
  • 35″+ is typical, several people like the deck with curvy, and flex to drill down in to which sweet wave such as carves.

Carving vehicles

  • Invert kingpin setups tend to be most typical simply because they offer the easiest reaction to a much more smooth turning experience.
  • Obtain additional soft with dual kingpin trucks like Gullwing’s sidewinder for a much more amazing carve.

Carving wheels:

  • Grip is essential whenever carving to manage your sideways energy without having sliding out.
  • The reasonable size 70-76mm wheel on the smoother side 75-86a usually carry out the best.